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About Us

The People Behind the Business

Family Photo

Cody is a native to the valley, he was born and raised here, and graduated from Montrose High School. Ruby was born and raised in the town of Boring, Oregon. She came to Colorado to attend college. They met taking a college class together, and while in that class, Cody asked Ruby out on their first date. That set-in motion a beautiful relationship, eventually their marriage, and then two wonderful children.

Our Story

What inspired 1776 Contractors?

Fresh out of college in 2004, Cody and Ruby purchased their first home. It was a home that fit their budget, and with the price came a significant amount of work.

With their newly acquired project, they tried reaching out to many contractors in hopes to find someone to take charge of their remodel needs. What they found disappointed them. The contractors they contacted were either out of their budget, undependable, or unavailable. It was out of necessity that Cody and Ruby developed the skills and knowledge of the construction trade. That first step ignited the spark for what would eventually become 1776 Contractors. Throughout the years since then, Cody and Ruby have mastered the craft of turning ugly houses into beautiful homes.

A Family Legacy in the Valley

Cody [and Ruby]’s family ancestry helped transform this valley; from Ridgway homesteaders, and cutting-edge farming pioneers in Fruita, to maintaining a lasting legacy of Law Enforcement in Grand Junction, Montrose, and Ouray. Cody and Ruby inherited that sense of pride, and continue the family’s long-lasting legacy, by helping transform the area – one remodel at a time.

Historic photo

“We have an immeasurable amount of pride for this incredible valley and all the wonderful people who call it home.”


~ Cody and Ruby ~

Cody’s great-grandfather’s homestead in Ridgway

Meet The Team

The 1776 Crew - over 300 years of combined experience!

Our Team
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