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Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom is a place where you begin and end each day, so you shouldn’t have to deal with a cramped, cluttered, or outdated bathroom. 1776 Contractors specialize in creating calm, inviting, and tidy bathrooms.

Whether you are looking for a modest update, or a luxurious oasis, our experienced team can tackle both with ease. From floor to ceiling, the 1776 team can handle whatever level of remodeling your bathroom needs (and we also do kitchens!).

As we age, it’s important that we adapt our surroundings to make our daily living not just comfortable, but safe. Many accidents happen in the bathroom. But fortunately, there are many simple and helpful additions that can be made to make a bathroom much safer while still having a luxurious bathroom that fits your design aesthetic.

Here are some shower safety features you might want to consider for your remodel:

·  A built-in shower seat to give you a place to rest as needed

·  A handheld shower head that can make it easier to bathe comfortably

·  Secure grab bars to give you added stability

·  Non-slip flooring to help keep you upright in the shower

·  A low-threshold entry to help prevent tripping and falling

Ensure that your Bathroom remodel is executed with precision and expertise, we are your team. Let 1776 Contractors revolutionize your Bathroom. 

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